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Lawn Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park - page 2

Climb Notes

The trailhead has privies, an information kiosk, and picnic tables.

The parking area is often filled before noon.

Most of the hike is shaded and is at a moderate grade. The first mile is probably the overall steepest and the most exposed.

Those looking for a shorter day hike can climb to the overlook at about .45 miles or 1.35 miles to the Ypsilon Lake Trail junction. It is a short distance further to the bridge crossing Roaring River on the Ypsilon Lake Trail.

The Park does not use trail blazes. The trail was however, easy to follow and well signed.

Many fishermen use the Roaring River and the area lakes.

Lawn Lake Trail is a multi-use trail. Hikers share the trail with horses.

Llama at Lawn Lake

Llamas also use the trail.

Water found along the trail should be treated or filtered.

For campers, permits are required. Once at the Lake there was no way of finding which sites were occupied without walking to each site.

We only saw a few parties of other hikers.

From the shores of Lawn Lake there were outstanding views in all directions.

The Ranger Cabin at Lawn Lake was not obvious. We walked by the cabin on the way up, and then Amy pointed it out on our return.

The nearby mountains Fairchild Mountain, Hagues Peak, Mummy Mountain all make good climbs.

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Lawn Lake Trail Mileage

0.00 Lawn Lake Trailhead

1.35 Ypsilon Lake Trail Junction

2.70 Cutbank and Golden Banner backcountry sites side trail

5.50 Junction with Black Canyon Trail

6.20 Lawn Lake

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