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Trail Notes

The area was clean. A few plastic bottles were frozen into the lake, but that was about all the litter we found on the trails.

There are no restrooms or water.

The trails were not blazed. There were also only limited signs.

lookout  near lake

The area is well used. It has a lot of unofficial trails which can be confusing.

There were several nice benches if you could just find them.

There are high cliffs and overlooks. There are no rails. Please watch your step and supervise all children.

The trail along the ridge was spectacular with great views of the lake.

The history of the area seems very interesting. I wish there had been more either on the web site or on a kiosk.

It was cold (highs in mid 20’s) when we were there and the ice was spectacular. The lake was frozen!

frozen lake

The Bluebird Trail was a mowed trail in a field. Oddly enough, the mowed paths also extended to each of the bluebird houses. We visited one of the houses but no one was home. Maybe the bluebirds thought we were solicitors and didn't want to stick their heads out to talk to us!

Hidden Lake is a wonderful, rustic, destination.

Hidden Lake Trail Mileage

.00 to .20 Hidden Lake Trailhead to junction with the Bluebird Loop Trail

.20 to .45 Bluebird Loop Trail junction to the second junction (before reaching the small lake)

.45 to .50 Second Junction to small lake overlook

.50 to .65 Small lake overlook to left turn

.65 to 70 From left turn trail uphill to trail entering from right

.70 to .80 Trail entering from the right to the Overlook and dance floor

.80 to .90 Reverse from the top to the trail down on the left.

.90 to 1.00 Trail to the rim above the lake on to major junction.

1.00 to 1.10 From major junction along the west side of the rim.

1.10 to 1.20 Descend from the rim to the Lake access.

1.20 to 1.40 Lake access returning to the second junction (passes the access to the smaller lake).

1.40 to 1.65 Returning to the Bluebird Loop Trail Junction.

1.65 to 1.90 Following the Bluebird Loop returning to the parking area.

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