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Stones River Greenway - Kohls to Dam, page 2

Trail Notes:

The greenway was busy, despite the heat.

There can be a lot of traffic on the greenway including walkers, speed walkers, runners, strollers, trailers in tow, youngsters, dogs, bicyclists, and tricyclists.

Bicycles should obey posted limits. The path is too busy for speed.

Flood damage to the path from the May 2010 flood seemed minimal.

Looking down stream from the boardwalk

The boardwalk section of the path was great.

A few sections of the trail had poison ivy encroaching.

There is a hill climbing to the railroad along the Stones River from either direction.

The path was partly shaded.

backyard along the path

There was water at the YMCA Trailhead.There was a porti-potty at the Dam trailhead.

Stones River Greenway - Kohls to Dam

.00 Kohls Trailhead

.30 Ballfield behind Target

.65 Start of raised walkway (boardwalk)

1.00 Steep sign - start of climb

1.40 Railroad track

1.50 Stones River - Y Junction

1.95 Split begins

2.15 Split reunites

2.45 Stewarts Ferry Complex Access

2.80 I- 40 Bridge

2.95 Percy Priest Dam Trailhead

Stones River Greenway - Dam to Kohls

.00 Percy Priest Dam Trailhead

.15 I- 40 Bridge

.50 Stewarts Ferry Complex Access

.80 Split begins

1.00 Split reunites

1.45 Stones River - Y Junction

1.55 Railroad track

1.95 Steep sign - start of climb

2.30 Start of raised walkway (boardwalk)

2.65 Ballfield behind Target

2.95 Kohls Trailhead

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