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Zion National Park - Angels Landing

Climb Notes

The route is a trail (West Rim Trail) for the first 2 miles to Scouts Lookout.

Scouts Lookout is also a worthy destination.

below the tree

If wet or icy, the route would become much harder and more dangerous.

Wear proper footwear (avoid flip flops).

Carry the essentials in a pack.

Plenty of signs are near the trailhead with information and advice.

The route can be very crowded. We started early and avoided the crowds. As we headed down the trail we saw hoards of hikers climbing the trail. We patted ourselves on the backs for our early start.

With the crowded trail, it is difficult to find a secluded place to relieve yourself, other than at the privies at Scouts Lookout.

A sign near the trailhead claimed that the privies at Scouts Lookout were overused. The sign suggested using the Grotto Restrooms before leaving the trailhead. Even if I used the restroom at the trailhead, I might still need to use the Scouts Lookout privies.

Be sure to pack toilet paper.

There are no dependable water sources on the route.

Many sections of the trail are exposed to the sun and could be very hot.

The area also receives thunderstorms. Keep an eye to the sky and turn around at Scouts Lookout, if the weather looks iffy.

The route on Angels Landing (after leaving the trail at Scouts Lookout) is mostly protected by chain handrails. The installed hardware also aids in route finding.

The footing on the route has also been improved in many places.

Angels Landing is not a hiking trail - above Scouts Lookout.

high point

The route is exposed to heights. Hikers with a fear of heights will have trouble.

The route is not suitable for children.

Despite all of the improvements to the route, hikers still fall and are injured, critically injured, or die on Angels Landing.

Many hikers might think the route is very difficult.

Some folks think the descent is even harder than the ascent.

Watch for others on the route. Stop and wait in safe places.

It is okay to turn around if you feel uncomfortable on the route. Remember, the Angels Landing route is not a trail.

Zion National Park - Your Safety Page

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Angels Landing Trail Mileage

0.00 Grotto Trailhead - 4300 feet

1.10 Bridge at the entrance to Refrigerator Canyon - 4900 feet

2.00 Scouts Lookout - 5350 feet

2.50 Summit of Angels Landing - 5790 feet

Notes: The trail does not use blazes, but is easy to follow. The mileage is for one way distance.

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